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What we do

Services Available

In addition to polling and public opinion measurement, the Castleton Polling Institute offers a wide range of services for clients who need tailored research for policy analysis, marketing ventures, customer service, or project evaluation; services include:

- Research study design

- Questionnaire development and testing

- Sampling procedures

- Qualitative data collection and analysis

- Quantitative data collection and analysis

- Report writing

Policy Research
Policymakers need current, objective information as they consider critical issues facing the state. The Castleton Polling Institute provides timely support for policy research and technical assistance activities for state and local governments as well as for other university programs. 

Survey Research
Survey research is used to collect data on attitudes, knowledge, and behavior that can be analyzed quantitatively. The Institute is experienced in all facets of survey research, including telephone surveys, mail surveys, and Internet surveys. 

Focus Groups
Qualitative data provided through focus groups can provide context to quantitative data, help in the development of a case study, or assist in the wording and nuance of a questionnaire being created.

When organizations launch new initiatives or consider the relative value of long-term initiatives, they need a systematic way to determine if their activities are on track to meet their objectives. The Castleton Polling Institute can help organizations assess the effectiveness of programs by collecting and analyzing data specific to the program's outputs and outcomes.   

Customer Satisfaction
Your customers know how they feel about your services; you should know how they feel as well.  The Castleton Polling Institute can frame the questions and collect the data that you need to help you understand what your customers need and how well they feel they have been served.  We can track customer satisfaction over time as customers respond to new initiatives. 

Citizen Surveys
In any democracy, it is important to include citizen input in the policy-making process. Citizen surveys conducted by the Institute are a scientific means of benchmarking, assessing progress, measuring satisfaction, and discovering citizen priorities.